Welcome to the Sky Valley Property Owners Association (SVPOA). We meet the third Wednesday at 3 p.m. June through October at the Sky Valley Country Club for informative programs about our city and area. View our meeting dates and programs.

Pancake breakfasts begin in late May and continue through October. Email Luke Fogarty to volunteer for set up, cooking, and clean up.

Resident Watch Program
The Resident Watch Program is open to all residents of Sky Valley, not just POA members, to provide security and health care in case of emergency. What it is: Sky Valley police are the first responders for both health and security emergencies. But they cannot enter a home without the property owners’ permission. If the property owner is unable to open the door, this program allows first responders to contact an alternate person who can unlock the residence. How it works: Property owners give a key to a family member or neighbor for emergency use. Complete the registration form with contact information for the property owner, an emergency contact person, and the key holder. Take the form to City Hall, where your information will be included in a database for the police to use in case of emergency. If you cannot download and print a registration form, you can pick up one at City Hall.

Please do NOT feed the bears! We live in their habitat and must change our behavior to protect both the bears and our residents. Bears from the adjacent Chattahoochee National Forest have become accustomed to eating birdseed and food in outdoor refrigerators and even inside Sky Valley houses. Georgia Wildlife Resources policy is to trap, tag, and relocate nuisance bears ONCE. A second offense means the bear is killed. As much as we enjoy watching birds on our decks, we must not put out bird-feeders when bears are active from April 15 through November 15. Watch the bear management presentation by Georgia Department of Natural Resources wildlife technician Ryan Watts at the July 24, 2018, City Council meeting. (27-minute video)


Be prepared for an emergency. View the city’s evacuation plan and know where your nearest exit is.

Dues are $40 for an individual or $70 for a family. Please pay by check. Download and print a membership form and mail to:
SVPOA, 614 Sky Valley Way #155, Sky Valley, Ga. 30537

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